Sunstone - used for Hope, Protection, Passion

Sunstone - used for Hope, Protection, Passion

They say that Sunstone is an ideal stone to inspire hope, protection, and passion.

Sunstone takes in the power of the sun and is said to bring the Suns light into your life, and therefore used to dispel the dark negative energy. It is thought to contain energies that help stimulate your personal power of attraction, making it a good stone for boosting ones self-confidence.

Sunstone Stone Meanings:

    Sunstone Energy & General Meanings: protection, healing, love, attraction, passion, optimism, strength, vitality, leadership, self confidence, alleviates depression and stress

    Stone Variety: Feldspar

    Color: Sparkling golden orange, reddish iridescent brown. Often metallic in appearance color ranges from light yellow to red, orange and green colors.

    Charkas: 2nd Chakra – Sacral

    Astrological Sign: Leo

Some people believe in a New Age philosophy that crystals have life altering heath benefits. Sunstone stones are thought to have the following healing attributes:

  • Energy healing booster for physical/emotional/mental bodies.
  • Enhances body’s healing energy.
  • Symbolizes hope
  • Is thought to increases sexual energy and passion
  • Promotes good humor, cheerfulness and good temper
  • Helpful in cases of exhaustion caused by restless sleep
  • Sunstone stimulates your personal power of attraction
  • Sunstone is believed to strengthen the life force, bring luck, instill optimism and increase strength and vitality.
  • Thought to bring luck and romance to the wearer
  • Helps lift depression and anxiety, clearing the mind of negative thoughts to enable positive decision making
  • Inspires faith and spiritual awakening.
  • Balances the orange sacral chakra with the yellow solar plexus helping the mind and emotions work together harmoniously

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Origins of Sunstone:

Sunstone or can be also called Heliolite. The name Heliolite has been derived from the Greek ‘helios’ and ‘lithos,’ which mean ‘sun’ and ‘stone’.

Sunstone is not common, found in south Norway, where masses of the sunstone have been found. In ancient times, this stone was used by natives for barter. It was also believed by the Vikings to be a talisman for navigation.

Oregon sunstone was designated as the Oregon state gemstone in 1987. Found in Eastern Oregon, the variety known as Oregon sunstone contains inclusions of copper which cause for the range of colors in the stone.

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